Brand: Harsh


Extra Small - 48-50cm 

Small - 51-55cm 

Medium - 55-58cm 

Large - 58-62cm

The new Harsh HX1 helmet is a revolution in protective head gear. The Harsh HX1 is globally certified, conforming to the strictest safety standards in the industry, and features some unique technology that places it well and truly above any other helmet on the market.
The Harsh HX1 helmet weighs in at just 220grams, making it as light as a high-end bicylce helmet. It features a venting system designed to keep your head cool no matter what direction you are riding, and is the first helmet to utilise new overmold technology.
The Harsh helmet range features a low profile design, ensuring the most vulnerable parts of your head (notably the bottom of your skull ) is well protected against impact.
The fully adjustable straps are riveted to the helmet, ensuring a strong and comfortable fit for everyone.
The main feature of the Harsh helmets is the use of the overmold technology. Traditional helmets have a plastic mold, which is then attached to the EPS foam in a separate process. The new overmold technology means that your helmet is an all-in-one piece, with the shell and EPS foam injection moulded as one piece. This means no gaps, no deterioration, and most importantly a helmet that weighs about 40% lighter than traditionally constructed helmets.
You won’t believe how light and comfortable these helmets are. Since stocking the Harsh helmets, almost our entire team of professional riders has converted to riding with this helmet. These helmets come with our 100% recommendation.