Scooter Maintenance tips

Rounded Bolts

It is important that when tightening bolts to make sure you are using the correct tools ie: allen key. DO NOT over tighten bolts and ensure the correct amount of leverage is used.

Poor Wheel Alignment

This can be caused by a loose headset and locking nut on threaded set ups, this can be tightened most commonly with a 36mm wrench. Another cause may be an insufficiently tightened collar clamp.

Clunky/Noisy Headsets

Headsets have several moving parts, and can be quite delicate, therefore require some looking after, it is important to keep them clean, free of grit mud or water, if a headset starts to become less effective, it is important to take them apart and clean them (remembering the order of assembly) we also recommend using a purpose made lubricant and not grease.


Wheels are a wearing part, and will need to be replaced after time, but can prematurely “de-hub” or “chunk” if they are bashed on curbs. 


Like headsets, bearings are a moving part and need to be kept free from dirt, water and grime. This can be helped with a purpose made lubricant.


Brakes by their very nature will wear, but this is not helped by over braking or braking with too much force.

Grip tape

Grip tape will wear, if it didn’t it wouldn’t be doing its job, however to prolong the life of your tape try to keep it dry, and away from extreme temperatures.

Handlebar Grips

These will wear through use and will have to be regularly changed for the safety of the rider, but damage can be caused trying to put them on, you can use hairspray to assist with this.

Broken Handlebars

Please ensure that your collar clamp is suitable for the scooter that you are using and is sufficiently tightened up, if ridden with play in the bars this drastically increases the chance of them breaking around the clamp area.

Bars are a light-weight product. Landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars.


Scooter decks that have been used for excessive grinding (especially on concrete/walls) will by their very nature wear down. This is not deemed a manufacturing defect.

We understand that trying to learn new tricks can be frustrating but throwing your scooter around the skate park is a sure fire way to damage it so please don’t!