Intermediate Scooters - For ages 8+

This is our most popular category of scooters!

We know buying a scooter can be almost overwhelming when trying to choose not only the right colour, but also a scooter that is right for the riders age, and also ability.

The scooters on this page are our recommendations for Intermediate / Ages 8+ / Rider height up to 167cm.

Note: The age of the rider is the "Recommended age to ride the scooter"; however, we acknowledge the scooter you choose may differ from our recommendations to better suit the riders height and ability.

Remember to allow room for growth as our scooters are built to last.

Intermediate scooters made for riders:

Mid-level scooters for riders with a bit more skill and would usually be the 2nd or 3rd Pro Scooter.  These scooters are designed for all of the above, plus basic riding around in and around skate parks. Generally riders will be learning to do beginner tricks on flat land and on some of the structures in the skate parks. Scooters at this level use higher grade materials to offer more strength in components and parts eg. forks and bars. Learning tricks can be tough on scooters, so we try for the perfect balance of adding strength without adding too much weight.