$799.99 $399.00
Brand: MADD Gear

The VX8 Extreme-X scooter is the supercar of the scooter industry. No expense is spared in the quest to produce the ultimate pro scooter and the Extreme-X screams quality and high-end. Featuring 26“ x 26“ grade 9 genuine titanium bars, clamp bolts, axles and brake hardware. These are matched up with our MFX X2 cobra clamp and affray fork combo to make for a super light yet strong setup. Available in a durable matte black anodized finish. COMPONENTS: GRIPS 150MM TPR GRIND GRIPS WITH NYLON BAR-ENDS FORK MFX AFFRAY ANODIZED 6061 T6 ALLOY 120MM HIC FORK GRIPTAPE MGP PRINTED FULL DECK WITH EXTREME CUTOUTS BAR 26” W X 26” H O/S GRADE 9 GENUINE TITANIUM BAR / TI HARDWARE CLAMP MFX X2 COBRA ANODIZED 6061 ALLOY DOUBLE CLAMP / TI HARDWARE BEARINGS K-3 ABEC 11 HIGH SPEED CHROME BEARINGS FINISH ANODIZED BLACK HEADSET MFX INTEGRATED HEADSET /HIC DECK MGP 83° H/T INTEGRATED 20.5“ L X 4.8“ W VX8 6061 T4 & T6 HEAT TREATED & FLUTED WITH 3° CONCAVE, DECK CUTOUTS AND HEADTUBE CUTOUT DETAIL MFX DECK BLOCKS AND TITANIUM HARDWARE WHEELS 120MM SYNDICATE AR-120 CORE WITH MATTE MGP PROPRIETARY POLYURETHANE BLEND / TI HARDWARE BRAKE 120MM MGP COMPOSITE BLITZ BRAKE / TI HARDWARE