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Brand: Triad

THE REVOLUTION HAS COME: The first of it's kind - a purpose built drift wheel which is safer, lighter, less expensive and more convenient than a go-kart wheel set-up.

A serious wheel for serious drift! No more pain staking frustration trying to fit expensive go-kart wheels and finding the right PVC sleeve to fit them. The All New Patented OATH Vanguard wheel set is made up of a glass-reinforced Nylon hub with an 11mm PVC slick.

It eliminates the perils of exploding PVC (and the harsh bite of the tyre) of go kart tyre set-ups.

KIT INCLUDES: 2 x machined 11mm thick pvc slicks 2 x specifically designed Nylon reinforced hubs Fits onto any Triad using the 32 x 12mm bearing kits or upgrade to the 15 x 168mm axle kit