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A great little 12" scooter

This all terrain scooter is our go-anywhere, do-anything big wheeler that is fast, easy to ride, and practical for kids. 

Loaded with safety features like the hidden front wheel axles and handle bar pad.
A tough and rigid steel frame & fork. Soft grips with safety bar ends.

12 inch smooth rolling air-filled tyres. The reduced centre of gravity makes the scooter very stable and easy to ride.

Plenty of stopping power with the rear V brake

Recommended for ages 7-13 years

Max riding weight 80kgs.

FRAME Steel tri-down tube design
FORK Steel with axle covers
TYRES Smooth roll 12 x 1.95
STEM 4 bolt front load
BRAKES Rear V Brake

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Linda Campbell
12" Big Wheel Scooter

Received Scooter very quickly, was easy to assemble. Having lots of fun on it with grandson. Good buy.

Ted Hyde
Brakes don’t work

The brakes on my scooter I bought from you are a joke , Chinese junk again , don’t work , even after adjustment, pissed off.

Bec Barton

My daughter loves it! Far more fun than a normal scooter and she will go for miles on it

Angie Frankiewicz

My grandson-loves it and rides it everyday I received it within 2 days awesome service …thanks so much.

Martin Ball
cheap but not so cheerful

I am enjoying the scooter because of the pneumatic tyres which is why I bought it.
I have been riding a smaller commuter-scooter with the larger size of silicone wheels but it couldn't handle rougher surfaces around town so I bought a the cheapest pneumatic scooter I could get during lockdown as a test. So, satisfaction from the tyres.
one wheel had a wide point so that the brake could not be adjusted safely. I swapped to the other wheel which now works ok but I had to get out the spoke spanner to make it true because it wobbled when I fitted it straight out of the box. To compound that problem, the travel on the brake-lever seems unnecessarily limited and I found it quite difficult to find that point where the wheel would roll but the brake would still work. It works now only because I tolerate a small amount of constant rubbing on the brake shoes.
As for the basic design, it has no off-set on the bottom of the forks. This means that the steering is very unstable. The trail or castor-effect on the forks of 2-wheeled vehicles is what makes them stable and steer into curves. So,,, disappointing from a design point of view. Would it really have been so expensive to do the usual thing like other scooters and bikes? I should have looked at the photos more carefully. I have found a workaround which is to keep the scooter upright in turns; steering it flat like a trike.
So,,, overall, a useful proof-of-concept for me but disappointing design and production values. Next time I will buy something similar but with two brakes and offset on the forks.