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The Root Industries AIR lineup has always been a welcomed breeze in the heat of the freestyle scootering industry. While always providing the highest quality wheels, forks, clamps, bars, and now decks, it was only a matter of time until that gentle breeze evolved into an all-out hurricane of innovation.
Welcome the newest addition to the AIR lineup - the Root Industries AIR RS & RP completes.
Sometimes to succeed, you have to break the rules - and the new Root Industries AIR RS does just that. Made entirely from Root Industries AIR lineup components, this beast of a complete is the epitome of unbox-and-shred. Geared more toward the aspiring no-holds-barred street rider, the AIR RS features a longer deck, boxed ends, and integrated pegs and comes in two colors - white and black.
With the Root Industries AIR RS complete, you’re ready to shut down any spot you pull up to.

Main Features:

120mm x 24mm AIR Wheels
High-tensile axles
Alloy brake and deck plugs
AIR Grips, Headset & Double Clamp
I Chromoly T-bar - 28” x 24” (710mm x 610mm)
Forged deck - 83-degree headtube angle - 5.1” x 22” (130mm x 560mm)
2-degree concave, boxed deck-ends/dropouts
Integrated pegs
Boxed deck-ends/dropouts
High-tensile axles
HIC Compression